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Writer's Block: Lessons Learned

What's the most important thing your parents or guardians taught you as a child?

Well, when I was about 11 years old, my dad took me to this pool party at a YMCA in Indiana that my friend was having one summer. It was about half an hour to 45 minutes each way, so rather than having to drive so much in one evening, my dad figured he'd just hang out at the party and read his book by the pool, chat with other parents, etc.

I was swimming around, when I spotted a wad of dollar bills at the bottom of the pool. I ducked down in the water, brought it up, counted it out, and discovered that there was 30 dollars and a penny altogether. I was thrilled, and jumped out of the pool, power - walked over to where my dad sat (not exactly walking and not exactly running; so as not to have the whistle blown at me) and showed him my find.

I can remember being so excited that I wasn't thinking clearly - This was the most money I'd ever had in my possession before...when I was much younger and would get any 20 - 50 dollar bills in my birthday/Christmas cards, they were almost always whisked away and put into mysterious savings accounts and such. I remember squee - ing, "With all this money, I can buy a CAR!!" as my dad looked on sadly; knowing that he was going to have to kill my buzz in a big way...

"I know you're excited, my dear, but we have to turn the money in at the front desk...it's not ours," my father told me, once he'd gotten me to settle down somewhat. He then went on to tell me that when he'd gone into the YMCA building to get a soda, he'd run into these two guys who had come out of the locker room in search of some money they'd lost...30 dollars and one cent, exactly.

I was disappointed, but knew my father had the right idea, so we both went in and turned the money in at the front desk inside. The woman stationed there smiled at me, praised me for being honest, and told us that the two guys were still around and that she'd let them know that their money had been returned. Apparently, one of them had gone swimming with the money stashed in their swim trunks. I still haven't figured out why someone would go swimming with that much money in their swim trunks.

Later on, my dad told me that when he was a kid, he'd watch shows like Howdy Doody in which the characters would be in some sort of moral dilemma, ultimately choose to do the right thing, and then end up being rewarded by Cowboy Bob, or somebody. My dad enjoyed the show when he was a kid, but when he became an adult (and a father) he grew dissatisfied with that sort of message - that you should do the right thing because a reward is guaranteed. He even admitted to me several years later (we both get nostalgic about this whole experience still :) )that he would have actually given me the same amount of cash after I'd turned the found money in if it meant that I learned something from it...but quickly realized that that would be missing the whole point. What he wanted me to learn (in addition to the importance of returning items that didn't belong to me) was to always do what's right, even if you aren't rewarded for it. I think that's a pretty darn important lesson to learn, if I say so myself. The world is full of enough people with a "what's in it for me" attitude as it is. Besides, the approval of my father has always been reward enough for me. :)
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Writer's Block: Going Up?

If you had to be stuck in an elevator for 24 hours with one TV character, who would it be and why?

Hmmm....probably either Susie the Little Blue Coupe, Mater, or Wilt from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Or Bert from "The Raccoons." I'm sure he's find some way to keep us both amused - he's that kind of guy.

Either that, or Claire Fisher from Six Feet Under - we could commiserate about who/what's screwed us over in the past. I really like Lauren Ambrose, so I also like Claire Fisher. :)
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Writer's Block: Oh No...

What's the most embarrassing moment you've had to live through? Do you look back at it now and laugh, or do you still cringe when you think of it?

Oh, have I got an entry for this one....

Years ago, when my mom, stepdad, and younger half - sisters lived in my area, my sisters went to a daycare center near the downtown area. Every Spring, the daycare center staff would hold this huge open house/picnic for their charges' families to attend, and my mom, stepdad, and I went every year. I actually liked it; there were lots of little kids running around and wanting someone to play with, which was fun for me...I've always liked little kids, after all.

How this picnic worked was that you first went inside the daycare center where you would go thru this buffet - style line of different picnic foods that the parents and staff contributed: burgers, hot dogs, chili, baked beans, potato chips, cookies, veggies, etc. When your plate was full, you exited out a door in the back of the room and went to join everyone else outside.

Now, the buffet room was mighty crowded every year, cuz it was a big daycare center and they had lots of kids to take care of, and lots of families came, too (The daycare center took care of kids infant - thru - preschool). So, moving thru the line to get what foods you wanted on your plate was sort of a chore. During one of these picnics, it was more crowded in there than usual, and my mom and I had JUST made it thru the line with our plates piled high with food (if my memory serves me well, I had a burger, some baked beans, potato chips, a cupcake, and a cup of lemonade)when these two little boys who were roughhousing with one another carried their roughhousing dangerously close to me and....


The next thing I knew, my plate of food was literally flying thru the air. I was terribly put out at the loss of my dinner, and I truly felt sorry for whomever happened to be in the vicinity of wherever it landed. My mother and I quietly took a spot at the back of the food line once more, filled new plates, and crept outside to where the other families had gathered.

So, there you go...my most embarrassing moment. It's actually kind of funny now that years and years have passed since it happened. :)
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Send up a few howls today if you are able....

Maurice Sendak passed away today from complications following a stroke.

I'm sure gonna miss him...he was a pretty big part of lots of peoples' childhood. My favorite of his books when I was a little kid were the Nutshell Library and In the Night Kitchen...and when I was a teenager, I discovered his version of "The Nutcracker," which was nothing short of awesome. I didn't gain much of an appreciation for WtWTA until I was about 17, but I love it now, and the Spike Jonze movie, too. WtWTA is probably the book he'll be best remembered for.

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Doc McStuffins toys and plush

There's gonna be Doc McStuffins toys and plushies at the Disney Store soon! =D


From what I've read online (which may/may not be accurate) the Doc McStuffins merch is coming out either this June or this fall.

EDIT: Sorry guys - after doing some more online research, I found out that most of the Doc McStuffins merch is going to be at Toys R Us...the plushies in the video look sort of Disney Store quality, so maybe there will be stuff at the Disney Store, as well...I'd be very surprised if there wasn't.
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I know it's kinda late in the day for this (I'm SO bad about these kinds of things lol), but, Happy Derby to everyone, and also, Happy Cinco de Mayo. :)
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