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Christmas ornaments

My folks and I decorated our tree a few nights ago, and I realized that I haven't been keeping my small collection of ornaments current with my interests...I have a handful of G3 My Little Pony ornaments that I got from a friend some years ago, but I don't have any Cars, Planes, Where the Wild Things Are, or G4 MLP ornaments. I do have an "Air Mater" ornament, but I have him out as a year-round display piece. :) The ornaments they have of Dusty Crophopper from Planes are pretty cute, and there's a new blow-mold Fluttershy ornament for sale in some places, I've heard. I've also seen the WTWTA ornaments that Hallmark issued for a few years post-movie release, and they're cute too. :)

What are your guys' favorite Christmas ornaments? :)
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